Under Construction:

last updated:

 - changed my picture and added more URLs to "My Sites"

 - added more invoice types to the INVOICE SYSTEM (Blank Invoice)
 - created mock-up of List Products
 - created mock-up of Add Products
 - created mock-up of Modify Products
 - created mock-up of Delete Products
 - created mock-up of List Contacts
 - created mock-up of Add Contacts
 - created mock-up of Modify Contacts
 - created mock-up of Delete Contacts

 - added Invoice System: INVOICE SYSTEM

 - added PHP pages: home, and book list
 - added a MySQL database for the book list.

 - Made the width of most pages smaller.
 - Changed the color scheme on most pages to Lavender and Purple.
 - Moved the bread crumbs to the header on most pages.
 - Added the under construction page.
 - Added new pages: Java information and MySQL information.

 - Changes to the appearance.
 - Changed "speach" to "speech".
 - Added Windows HPC Server 2008 information page.
 - Added pics to Photos - Nate & Lisa's wedding.
 - Added pics to Photos - Year 2000.
 - New page: Photos - Year 2001.